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to Your Toronto Space.

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Is your ceiling as impressive as the rest of your home or commercial building? If not, enliven your space with new crown mouldings. Your Toronto style is distinctive—so you need a distinctive ceiling from Contemporary Mouldings to match.

Unique Design

Because of our unique craftsmanship, we can recreate even the most detailed crown moulding or ceiling design from past eras, from Renaissance to Modern.

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Contemporary Mouldings


Unfortunately, there are some things that are beyond our control. Like the breakdown of your custom design mouldings.

Think about your ideal design. Is it minimalist, ornate, or something in between? At Contemporary Mouldings, we work with decorators, architects, homeowners, and commercial building managers to craft the perfect look for any interior.
Browse our impressive showcase gallery for inspiration on any of the following products and services:

If you have a difficult time choosing the right moulding detail for your project, allow us offer some suggestions. Even small changes can work wonders if applied correctly and judiciously.

Contemporary Mouldings specialises in repairing and restoring your mouldings regardless of whether we originally installed or not.

At Contemporary Mouldings, we also repair and restore your current mouldings to match their former glory.

If you live or work in a historic building, contact us about your restoration project. We inspect, design, and install every item with precision.

If you’re in the middle of a home renovation that needs our attention to detail, we’re happy to help you update your look. Because of our extensive experience in moulding design and installation, we understand the obstacles you face as you
match details for the perfect result.

If your old ceiling needs immediate attention, let us take a look. We offer repair services throughout Ontario and Greater Toronto for crown mouldings restoration, repair, and new installs.

If your project is particularly time sensitive, we offer on-time completion without sacrificing quality.